Addiction – Recovery Therapy

All addictions are a poor substitute for real intimacy. When we have been hurt deeply, our ability to form healthy attachments become impaired. It becomes easier to trust the bottle, the pills, the porn, rather than risk your vulnerability with a real human being.

People disappoint us, betray us, and are not easy to feel safe with. Even so, as humans, we are hardwired for connection. You have a right to be loved, heard, and understood. This then becomes the addict’s dilemma: Endure painful connections, or stay numb. My goal in therapy is to help you feel safe and nurtured so that you can begin to trust yourself and others around you. You deserve to be in connection. 

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Therapy Techniques
Some techniques I employ with your customized individual therapy may include:

Addiction Recovery Therapy by Kavita Murthy, PhD, Austin, TX

We repeat what we don’t repair.

— Christine Langley-Obaugh

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