Team Building

Team-Building Workshops

Introduction to Type  
Introduction to basic personality styles. Understand the ways in which people think feel and act differently.  Learn about your strengths and areas for change through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Learn how to maintain equilibrium in the face of frustration.    This workshop has a leadership component that can be utilized for management teams. Teaches basic skills of active listening and empathy building.

Dealing with the Difficult Customer

Discover what type of customer pushes your buttons and why.  Understand your own type preference and how to match your own preferences to the customer.  Learn how to turn a sale around, by preventing misunderstandings.

Selling Strategies

Focuses on the interaction between the customer and the employee’s interaction using the MBTI framework.

Customized Workshops

Stress Management

Empowers self management of stress in the workplace.  Focus on Knowledge and awareness of self control and identify areas for change.

Values Clarification Exercise

This workshop takes a look at similarities and differences between individuals.  Shows how the language we use can be a barrier to effective communication.  Illustrates the importance of understanding the meaning behind our words.

Fostering Team Cohesion

Teaches conflict resolution skills through experiential based activities.  Good for teams that are willing to work on improving the dynamics of their team.

Test Anxiety

With the use of biofeedback, and guided imagery techniques, participants will learn how to deal with anxiety and manage stress during testing opportunities.

Workplace Communication

Teaches basic skills of active listening and empathy building.

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