Trauma – Recovery Therapy

Trauma occurs when the mind is unable to process and make sense of events that left you feeling unsafe, neglected, shamed, abused, or assaulted.  As a result, you may become easily triggered in your current life, not realizing why you became so volatile, afraid or unsteady.  If you have experienced intense emotions that do not seem to match the current situation you are in, you might be a victim of trauma. 

While most people understand the “Big Traumas” that occur in life, such as a rape, a car accident, a natural disaster, or physical illness, there are a larger number of “Little Traumas” residing in our bodies and minds.  You might not realize the impact these experiences have on your personality, the way you react to people or events, or in your everyday life.  Examples of Little Trauma’s might be feeling shamed or humiliated in public, a childhood memory of being harshly punished or criticized by our parents, feeling responsible for losing an athletic game and letting your teammates down, a very bad breakup, or feeling unable to overcome a mistake or a bad decision that was made in life.  These experiences leave us feeling vulnerable, unable to feel confident and grounded.

When these situations have not been fully processed and integrated, our bodies and minds tend to become hostage to our emotions and we live in a constant state of tension, fear, and panic.  If you think that Trauma is affecting your life, therapy may help to alleviate your suffering.   EMDR, a technique of reprocessing old memories, helps you to push through your pain from the past and allow you to shift your perspective and feel safe and secure in the present moment. Contact me for an appointment.

Therapy Techniques
Some techniques I employ with your customized individual therapy may include:






In the depth of winter I learned that there is within ME, an invincible summer.

—  Albert Camus

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