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In my work with Resiliency I have found that we get further when we hold ourselves accountable to others.  Group work has always been a passion of mine, and I deeply value the connections and community that is created when people come together that share a common vision or goal.  The Purpose Posse was born out of my desire to help people discover their inner self worth, and inspire them to attain their goals.

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What People Are Saying About Purpose Posse

"If you have a desire to enrich your life, Kavita’s Purpose Posse is a great way to manifest the changes you would like to make in your life, health, and career!” 
— Lori F., Austin, TX

"With the support of the rest of the members of my PP group, I was able to talk through my fears in a non-judgmental atmosphere. They helped me set goals to accomplish by the next meeting and held me accountable to meet my goals.  I feel like they are my cheerleaders cheering me on to continue with what I have set out to do.  With the encouragement of my Purpose Posse I’ve become licensed and am stepping onto a new path that I have dreamed about for years.” 
— Shelly H., Austin, TX

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Purpose Posse Resilience Program by Kavita Murthy, PhD, Austin, TX

Do one thing everyday that scares you.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

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